Front door small tweeter speakers dont work

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    Jun 21, 2017
    Hi everyone im here for some help to see if anyone can figure out why my front door small tweeter like speakers dont work , my front 6 1/2 speakers work fine. I opened the control switch panel on each side and the speaker lines were disconnected so i connected them and they still dont work. I purchased this '99 tahoe about 3 years ago and i got tired of listening to the weak sound system it had , so i opened up all the side wall mounts and what a mess i found, this truck had so much speaker wire , that when i rolled it all up it was the size of my spare tire, anyway i got my rear speakers working because the prvious owner left an open wire so i connected it and sounds much better but i cant figure out the front small speakers...i am still searching the front lower panels so if anyone has a tip please let me know , thanks.