Heat and AC Problems... Easy Fix

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    I keep reading through posts and keep seeing problems with the heat and the AC. Here is the problems.... They can blow warm or cold air on the driver and passenger side, get stuck, turn the key on and off and it will work.. Weird I know.... That is until they go out 100%..... Make sure you get the p/n off old one.. They all look identical, but do different functions by the way the wires on the plug go in... Super Important to get the correct one.

    Do not turn them to match how yours is.. They are already calibrated brand new in the box.... Their is a way to reset the module, but we will stick with this.

    Your problem is called the Blend Actuator....

    First one is located under the console and go at it from passenger side door and it a little pain to get at but use a flash light and you will need either I think it is a 6 or 8mm socket and an extension... This one controls if you are getting hot air out one side and cold from the other. Usually you hear a clicking when they start to go bad. I know its weird but turning off the truck and turning it back on will get it working temporarily, but then they fail 100%.

    Second one is located behind glove box.. Get everything out and push on the sides so it can drop down... This one controls where the air is going to blow being defrost, vents, feet.... Super easy to change...

    Third one I never changed and it a pain I hear due to you have to pull the drivers dash out to get at it... This one controls your fan speed...

    Fourth is located in the rear that controls back heat/AC and is located under the passenger side huge panel in the cargo area... Pull up trim that is on bottom and it clips in, so take it slow and they pop out... Then you need to pull off the trim going up, which is same way and get both of them out of your way.... Then you can get the big panel off and you do not need to take it off all the way to get at this one... Just enough to get access at it.... Put new in and reverse steps putting it all back together....

    Super important you pull the p/n off old one due to one may have 4 wires and one may have 5, etc.. They are not interchangeable.

    Once again do not turn the new one with a screw driver or anything thing they are calibrated all ready to go and need to work it on so it will close the damper door. Just go slow.....

    I have not changed one in a while, but I know I will be soon and their is a way to reset your heating and air system, but cannot think of the name... That is super easy and no scan tool or anything required...

    Any questions send me a message and I will walk you through these.. Super easy and they are not the cheapest... AC Delco will cost around 100.00 and you can get generics a lot cheaper... I am not a big fan of generic parts that are electronic, but with how these can fail and go by the age of your truck you can always by another generic...

    Warning though.. Some generics do not work out of the box and make sure once again you get the right one by p/n or it will not work, do not turn it being calibrated already...

    Super easy to do and once you do it and the console one expect a couple little cuts on the hand and be patient... They are in pretty deep and hard to get at, but you do not need to pull the console... Some say yes you do, but I have changed a bunch and never pulled the console one time, just took my time and gave my hand a break from cramps... Just do not rush it and you will be fine... Two bolts hold them on and a plug... How easy is that to fix it yourself and save a fortune.....
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    Thanks RobbysDad. Finally somebody that sheds some light on this. The minute the weather improves I will try to fix this defective blend actuator in my 2004 Tahoe
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    Once you remove the actuator, take it part. Remove the four screws , gently pull part. You see two little finger that are touching the two small circular arks. You will notice excess grease on the finger ends and on the board. Take some spray electrical cleaner and clean the two circular arks and the two fingers . Use dielectric grease small amount on the fingers. Now put the actuator together and re-install the screws . Reinstall . Works every time.

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