Help with blowing fuse..

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    Oct 27, 2019
    2008 Tahoe... Fuse #40 10amp Airbag IGN

    Been trying to troubleshoot why I have a service airbag and my mechanic said there was an issue with the SDM. I actually took the SDM out and he took it to a guy to see about reseting/programming it. The guy he uses said the module was blank/had nothing programmed in it?

    I found today that #40 fuse was blown and replaced it. Started truck and it blew again. I spoke with mechanic and the thought was to unplug the SDM to see if it was causing the issue.

    I unplugged the SDM and started truck and it blew the fuse. Looking for any suggestions of how to track down this gremlin before figuring out the SDM.