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Jun 25, 2014
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Cranbury, NJ
The catalytic converter is a very important emissions control component installed in your vehicle's exhaust system. Various factors can cause converter failure. Almost all problems are caused by an engine issue, which can result in a non-functioning cat. If you've noticed, that your "check engine" light is on constantly, the engine starts losing power, emission levels have become higher, or any other suspicious symptoms, you need to replace your catalytic converter.

Davico offers one of the broadest ranges of catalytic converters in the industry covering import and domestic vehicles. They are designed to function just like the factory unit that came with your vehicle delivering reliable performance and precise fit. Each one of Davico's OE replacement catalytic converters is crafted in-house to meet the highest quality standards.

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Make sure your emission system is in top condition with Davico catalytic converter installed!​