How to upgrade the sound system on Chvey Tahoe 2002 Lt with Onstar system?


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Apr 21, 2017
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Hi all...::peace:

I'm planning to upgrade my stereo system on chvey tahoe 2002 LT ,and
my stereo spec is CD + radio and cassette player with OnStar system + rear control panel,
and I planning to buy these items ...

- Metra 70-2002 ( to bypass the factory amp )
- Metra 70-1858 ( Aftermarket to Factory Plug for new stereo )
- Replacement Pocket Kit ( for removing cassette player )
- OEM Dash Storage Compartment Cubby w/ Insert ( to remove Onstar buttons )

what I want to do Is the following things

- remove the factory amp & bypass it
- use factory subwoofer with the new head unit ( what type of connector should I buy )
- remove all OnStar components + wiring + VIU
- remove or bypass the rear control panel

I want to know what type of other part that I should buy and what should I do , and I know how to remove the trims , dash , connector ...etc :superhack: