Immobilizer permanently shut off


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Jul 23, 2016
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The Netherlands
Since 2015 I’m trying to find an extra remote for my 01 Tahoe. The original works on 433 MHz and ordering a new one is impossible to find because they are discontinued. The problem is that you must open the car with the remote to unlock the doors and immobilizer. You have then about 30 seconds to start the car before the immobilizer kicks in. When you try to start the engine after that time it runs for 1 second and stalls. Press the remote unlock button again and it will start and run. Only Tahoe’s Suburbans Savanna’s etc from 00 to 02 made for the European market have that security feature. If the remote fails or is lost you can never start the car again… Two months ago I contacted a dutch US car salvage company with the question if they could supply an “European” remote. They had a better solution. They know “a guy”. This morning I drove to the salvage yard. The guy with the laptop was already there. He plugged his computer into the obd plug and solved the problem. It is imperative that the remote works and the immobilizer is shut off to do his thing in the bcm. Now I can open the car with a key, start it and it will run and keeps on running…
For example, I can now install a remote start or an alarm system with all new remotes:)
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Apr 17, 2018
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Good to hear "that guy" was able to help you. How's your search for a new remote? My friend is looking at this neat Tahoe with the same issue; a missing remote. It's totally neat though with a new set of brake pads and tires from 4Wheelonline.