Leveling kit


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Hey yall. I have an 03 tahoe and I want to put a leveling kit on it. Is there one I can install that will not require front end alignment and still be a good kit


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If you did some changes/modifications on the front end suspension, it is recommended to do an alignment.


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It is impossible to lift the front suspension without a having the wheels re-aligned. The positive camber resulting from 2" lift keys on my Yukon could be noticed 100 yards away and 2-stories up. It was dramatic, to say the least. If you put lift keys on your truck without having the wheels aligned, the shoulder tread on your front 2 tires would be worn dangerously low in like only a couple hundred miles. My front tires were angled so far inward with lift keys I didnt even want to drive the truck to work that Monday. I had an appointment with the nearest shop at 4:00 pm that afternoon.