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Nov 14, 2018
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I just purchased a 2012 Tahoe LT Z71 with nearly every available option for $14,500. The build sheet reads like a novel. The vehicle spent its entire life after it was traded at 22K miles (GM Executive) as a Chevy dealer daily service customer drop off vehicle and was driven by a single driver.

Every day; between 1 and 3X day through the car wash. Detailed daily. Under body is absolutely like new, no rust, all paint intact including 100% of the the brake lines. The motor is like a dream. It was never driven over 70 Mph and its trips were all 5 - 10 miles each way. Not one spec of oil leaking from any drive-line component. Transfer case all functions feels as tight a a zero mile vehicle.

Apparently old Joe the driver had friends in the detailing shop as well as the mechanics, nothing appears to show any wear at 143K (Is Armor all toxic?). Full Carfax outlines details of Brake fluid changes (every 15K Miles, Steering fluid every 15K miles , coolant and Transmission fluid every 35K miles, oil changes - when needed - they actually stretched them out. So much for worrying about AFM issues, I actually like the little idle rumble I felt at the first stop light after exiting after an 80 MPH 25 mile highway cruise test drive. I'm going to pick something else in my life to worry about.

Basically, it runs as new. The Chevy dealer that owned it recently traded it to a Local Cadillac dealer as part of a deal to buy a 25K 2018 Tahoe to replace it. Apparently GM Dealers buy their own certified Vehicles and and turn them into drop off / Pick up vehicles take advantage of the Warranties. I called the Chevy dealer and spoke with the driver (One owner so to speak) who assured me that in order to please the customers at the GM Tech Center it was serviced as needed when ever needed, detailed daily, kept in a heated garage overnight all while driven by a 70 year old guy carefully dropping GM employees.

The Dealer Used Car Manager (big guy) at the Cadillac dealer I am purchasing it from drove it for 2 weeks and said he preferred it to the 2016 Escalade because the ride is similar and the small Console on the Z71 gives him room that the Escalade's big console steals!

A new spin on the Little old School teacher who only drove to church on Sunday, but its all true and a real find. I pick it up tomorrow, I am in love with this Secret Service looking Beauty and cant get the thought of driving it away out of my head!