primal grow pro out for fuck's sake don't do that you

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    primal grow pro out for fuck's sake don't do that you know I the only time I would ever I would ever suggest someone do that is if they have the means to support themselves and they have at least a two-year plan and you know like I'm not gonna sit here and and be hypocritical and say don't take a risk or take a plunge and like try like like yeah like you know I know I know for my sister you know my sister's actually gonna be well and my sister will be actually the first one to graduate she graduates in December and it's amazing it's like it's good to see her stay on that path but for our family rule was our family would help her financially as

    primal grow pro buy but I think that's pretty fair you know we weren't a family that was like you're going to school how dare you we're gonna pull the plug completely if you don't like you know that was just our rule you want to stay in school we got your back but if not you gotta work you got to do it yourself and I always thought that was super fair you know that makes the most sense you know parents have different ways to go about it I know there's