Replace your old suspension with Arnott Air to Coil Conversion Kit!

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    Looking to convert your failing air suspension to a more reliable coil spring setup? Arnott offers a low-cost alternative to air suspension system replacements that allow you to maintain normal driving characteristics and save on repairs!

    Their Air to Coil Spring Conversion Kit features simple, worry-free metal coil springs that require no serious modifications. It replaces your air ride parts, including your air springs, with traditional steel coil springs and passive shocks.

    Arnott® - Air to Coil Spring Conversion Kit




    - Set coil springs and shock absorbers designed to bolt directly in place of existing air springs with no modifications necessary to your vehicle
    - Eliminate the worry of failing air suspension parts which can leave you stranded with extremely costly repair bills
    - Black powder coat provides a durable finish that is resistant to chips, corrosion, and paint flaking
    - Coil springs feature a variable spring rate that provides a softer, more comfortable ride that progresses to a firmer ride during aggressive driving or when vehicle load increases
    - The kit also includes a pair of OE equivalent replacement shocks
    - Conversion kit does not come with any provisions to bypass and disable suspension warning lights once original equipment is removed

    Enjoy safe, comfortable and trouble-free driving with Arnott Air to Coil Conversion Kit! ​