Rough idle, stalling

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    Mar 22, 2019
    I have a 2004 z71 4WD tahoe. It recently had its front diff go out and cause a bunch of repairs. Total it lead to needing a front diff rebuild, replacement of transfer case, other things found that needed attention and were fixed were rear main seal replaced, oil pan seal replaced, power steering pump seal replaced, transmission serviced, rear diff serviced, oil change. Since getting it back it has run extremely rough unless I get it on the highway and rev it up to 5k multiple times then it runs fine. I have cleaned the throttle body, replaced the maf and maf connector. Ran seafoam through the tank twice, ran seafoam spray intake. I have checked the wiring harness on the maf and got 11.85 volts on power and ground. This issue is driving me nuts. I’m getting raw fuel from exhaust and black soot. Mechanic has smoked the intake and found no vacuum leaks. It had new plugs and wires back in May. It ran great with little to no issues with misfires until after it was down for a month for the repairs. Any ideas?