Shortening a 98 K2500 Suburban frame and dropping my 98 4WD Tahoe on it, any advice or tips?

edward case

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Feb 28, 2020
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I have a 98 suburban rolling chassis blasted and painted with 4.10 8 lug running gear. i know that i will have to shorten the frame before it gets to the wheel arches in the back, redo rear body mounts, and figure out the gas tank mounting. Also shorten the rear frame rails to adapt to a work truck style rear plate type bumper with various recovery and hitch doodads built in? my driveshaft will probably need a mod depending on what my final trans and transfer case choice will be. The wiring harness issues will not be a problem as i will likely use 99 k2500HD components for the drivetrain.

My main goal is to get a more work capable tahoe and better gearing for slightly taller tires. I work my trucks hard in all kinds of terrain.

Am i missing any major mods to make this work? i have access to alot of k2500, k3500 parts to make this work.