Sound system cutting out


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My 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe OEM GMC 2003-2005 Radio AM FM 6 Disc CD with Aux Input is acting up. For about a year or so I have been having problems with the radio and CD player. It started gradually and now it happens all the time after about 5 minutes of playtime.
Problem #1:
After about 5 minutes of CD play time the CD will just stop. It's not like tracks are skipping or anything like that, it just stops. When that happens I immediately push the band button, listen to the radio for about a minute or so and push the CD button again and the CD continues playing where it left of. And so on, until it gets so bad that the CD will stop 2-3 times within a song. By that time I give up and listen to the radio.
Problem #2:
Every so often the radio seems to be doing something similar. I'll be listening to an FM station and all of a sudden that station goes silent. When that happens ALL FM stations are silent. I can switch to a different FM station or switch from FM1 to FM2 - nothing! However this rarely happens when I switch to an AM station. It may have happened once or twice so far. I switch from FM band to AM band, AM comes in loud and clear. I switch back to FM - silence!

My dilemma is that I have no way of testing whether the problem is with the radio or the BOSE sound system in the car. Any ideas how I can isolate the problem are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance