Sub box under 2nd row seat?


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Feb 11, 2017
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Hey all,

New to the forum and enjoying it. Figured good place to ask regarding the below boxes for my 2003 Tahoe.

Looked at them for awhile and now that I sold my 2-12s from my truck. Perfect time to upgrade Tahoe too. Trying to free up space in cargo area due to 2 kids, double stroller and Costco trips. Have 1- 10" in standard box, using that sub in truck build and getting new box/subfor Tahoe. I know it won't be. Easy, already had 3-12s in a fiberglass console. Just want a little extra umphf.

So sound off advertises the GM Tahoe box will fit crew cab in details. Subthump advertises light duty crew cab but looks like same box. Anyone know if floors are same?

Subthump CC box

Soundoff Audio which shows Tahoe and crewcab in description.

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