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    I wanted to let everyone know on here that when you are experiencing multiple problems on your older vehicles and or/newer like dash lights coming on, things turning themselves on or off, and basically anything weird happening with your older vehicle.

    I fix many things myself, but I do have to go to my mechanic which he is "old school" and gets a lot of vehicles with many problems, problems dealerships and other mechanics cannot figure out, etc.

    He always told me that everyone just wants to plug in and check for error codes and go off of that. People he told me have spent a fortune with them doing just that, but they overlook the most simplest thing that could correct it all.

    I had this happen to my own 2005 Tahoe where I had a "possessed" rear windshield wiper that on very hot days would just turn it self on by it self.

    Then getting dash lights coming on telling me something was wrong and when plugging in the scan tool I would pop codes for it.

    To keep it short there was nothing wrong with any of the parts and they were all good, and here is the thing that is always overlooked he told me and had this happen to myself.


    I know for sure my 2005 Tahoe has 3 of them and forget where the last of the 3 is off the top of my head. I know their is one located on the frame just below the driver side door and one that is located up front that comes off obviously the negative on the battery where it feeds into a plug that has many wires going to things.

    With the "possessed" rear windshield wiper turning on by itself on hot days I would sometimes get lights on the dash or the instrument panel.

    What my problem was that corrected EVERYTHING was when I went to check my ground wires I found that the front one under that is mounted to the frame just fell off and was hanging there. BAD I know and it must have been starting to lose its ground as why I had these things happening.

    All it took was a little cleaning up on the frame and a simple terminal connector to crimp back on, which I solder too and use shrink wrap.

    Guess what? All problems gone and no dash lights coming on? Cleared the codes and did a scan again and it showed no problems at all.

    Check this out on YouTube their is a video of a guy and other's that spent a fortune at the Dealerships just changing parts and they still had problems and the parts they changed were all good.

    Current will always take the path that is least resistant. Just like my "possessed" rear wiper due to I had the AC running on the hot days and that took the ground and made that rear wiper do strange things and other dash lights coming on. Basically the AC took priority for the ground and the others lacked having a ground, so it popped a light on the dash and a code on the scanner.

    I know this sounds really stupid how one of your ground wires that does not have a good connection and/or falls of can cause all these problems but how does anything work right without a good ground? It cannot.

    I would say if you are unsure where your ground wires are just check on the internet and it will tell you just like my mechanic does. Believe me he got nightmare stories from people where they spent all this money trying to get their vehicle fixed and thinking it was time to trade it in or junk it and it was just a ground wire that went bad.

    Their is one video on YouTube for sure I wish I had the link where the person spent over 2K at the dealership and he video taped all his problems where turning on one thing made a dash light come on, something not to work, it was a total mess and his vehicle was pretty new.

    Keep that short he was hot and going to the Dealer when he discovered this on his own having all these problems after spending over 2K and fixed it himself with a simple terminal to put his ground wire back on.

    I just wanted to throw this out there if you are having multiple problems or just weird things going on, or just in general check your ground wires.

    Think about it... They are just terminals that bolt to the frame and with rain and if you have show they are always getting wet and what happens? Think about it.... How does your frame look on your vehicle? All rusted up and what do you think happens with these ground wires on cheap terminals that are bolted to the frame? They turn to crap and lose their ground or they just simply fall off.

    Just my 2 cents on vehicles with multiple problems and something to check to make sure you have good grounds due to everything needs a ground to work.
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