Towing a 2000 4wd Tahoe

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    Jun 27, 2020
    Hi I'm new here. I've just taken a 1,300 mile road trip, non stop (except for gas/rest) and after barely getting to our destination, my radiator developed 7 small holes causing the loss of all my coolant. A local mechanic used JB weld (& I added lock seal) & we made it the last 200 miles. Once here, the truck now won't start, no lights, no loss of coolant. It's a brand new battery, not even 2 mos old. I'm thinking I should just tow it back home since it's just going to be me alone. What vehicle should I rent that will tow it? I know I'll likely need a flatbed uhaul too. I'm desperate here. I've gotta leave on the 30th! Thanks!!