Transmission problems...kinda?


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Jun 26, 2018
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1999 tahoe 4x4 LT 135'xxxx miles
I've been have problems with what I presume is my transmission. When ever I get on the gas about 70-100% ( like you are going to pass someone on the highway) my tahoe will proceed to shift but then just sit there and hang in 4000 rpm until i barely lift off the gas and itll shift fine. It'll do a loud hum and I can fell a small vibration under my feet when it does this. It seems to do it no matter what gear I'm in. Driving normal in town it does fine. The fluid level is full and does look horrible, not burnt and no metallic flakes in it.
I replaced the tps sensor and it make it feel a little better I think but didn't fix the problem.
Any ideas or tests I could do?