What is Diabetes Mellitus?

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    The traditional herbal remedy is made by poundingBlood Balance Formula Review the raw fruits of Ampalaya and turning it into a bitter liquid. Boiling the fruits and leaves for a few minutes, can also be done, then the liquid concoction can be taken as herbal tea afterwards.

    One of the major causes of diabetes is the lack of insulin the blood. The Ampalaya vegetable is known to lower blood sugar levels due to the plant's insulin-like benefits enjoyed by diabetics who include Ampalaya in their daily diet, either taken as a tea or eaten as a vegetable.

    Since 1960's, worldwide research has shown that the plant's key compounds, notably polypeptide-P, is a plant insulin known to lower or regulate the glucose level in the blood.

    There are two main types of diabetes mellitus: Type 1 and type 2. One of the differences between Type I and Type II diabetes is the treatment. Type I diabetics are insulin-dependent while Type II diabetics are not insulin-dependent, and it is in this category where the Ampalaya has clear beneficial effects.