Wheel cleaner question

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May 13, 2013
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Alamogordo NM
The best thing you can do for your wheels, is coat them with a synthetic "coating".
Note that I did not say a Sealant, or a Wax, neither will last as long.

With a Coating like Optimum Opti-Guard, or Carpro's CQuartz, you won't ever have to resort to harsh cleaners to get dirt or contaminants off. These coatings will withstand high temps as well, be impervious to iron particles-brake dust adhering.

Join such forums as Autogeek-Autopia, and there you will find both the products to do such, and advice from others of what will be the best to protect.

After such coatings are applied, it's simple to just use a good gentle car soap like you would use on your vehicle.