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    95 tahoe key fob programming

    Hey guys, I'm having issues programming a new key fob for my 95 tahoe 2 door and need your help please. I am positive I have the correct fob and belive I have the correct procedure but am suspecting wiring issues. I have tried bridging the G and A terminals on the OBD port under the dash...
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    Electrical? Fuel? Help!!

    Hello all. To start i would like to say I've been dealing with this issue for about a month now with a 95 tahoe 5.7 TBI. The issue: Vehicle stalls and has issues starting back up. To give some background info, ive had the truck for some time now and had occasional issues that were...
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    95 Tahoe service engine soon light

    Thanks for the help i pulled code 32 from the truck this evening. The EGR. How easy is this to replace and how necessary is it? Undrivable? Thanks
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    95 Tahoe service engine soon light

    As the title suggests, i have a 95 tahoe 5.7L. Recently the service engine light came on while i was driving. The light only comes on when the truck is warm (bout 10-15 min into the drive). After parking for a few hours it goes away, i was on my way and again she warmed up and the light...