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    Loose steering wheel play -- is this normal?? (see video)

    I've had this annoying loose play at my steering wheel for as long as I can remember on my 2004 Tahoe. I recorded a video of me in the driver's seat with the truck off and in park. I'm able to easily nudge the steering wheel with just a finger. Is this normal?? For instance, was this...
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    Recommendations - Cylinder Heads

    Thanks, appreciate the tip
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    Recommendations - Cylinder Heads

    So, it seems my truck, 2004 5.3L Tahoe, has the infamous cracked Castech cylinder head problem on the driver's side. I've decided to replace the cylinder heads with a new cast ing --- not remanufactured (don't want to inherit the same problem again). RockAuto has a new bare cylinder casting...
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    Rear bumper - corner dent - repair estimate reasonable?

    On my 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe, the rear driver's side corner/fender has a dent -- just over 4 inches across in width (see pictures at bottom of post). A shop in my area (Houston) gave me a ballpark estimate of $400. I didn't tell them that I recently purchased a living social deal for a $200...