1. J

    2003 Z71 parts

    Hi! New guy from Tacoma Wa. Looking for quarter trim panel left 89024205 center caps used 15766002 Also does anyone know where fuse is for heated seats? Thanks
  2. B

    Online OEM GM Parts Vendors

    2005 Tahoe outside mirror lamp # 88980307 available at local Chev dealer for $107 + 8% tax. The same part was purchased from for $73 plus $8 SH. The brand new part arrived promptly in an unopened GM shipping box. Cheapest GM Parts fulfilled my expectations. There may...
  3. pikeucf

    New what?

    My beaut took a knee a few weeks back and I've decided to do surgery rather than bury her in the classifieds. Leading up to this, I noticed a loss of power especially in and out 3rd gear, and a week later she started knocking (can't be good.) My neighbor and I planned on taking out the engine...
  4. U

    2008 Tahoe PPV got vandalized, in need of some help.

    Afternoon gents, Need some help locating a few parts for my 2008 Tahoe PPV. Truck was vandalized before I left on deployment. I'm returning to the states, and unfortunately due to some bills I acquired while gone, I don't have the kind of cash I need to purchase all the parts I need. Looking...
  5. O


    I have a stock 2000 Tahoe Z71 (old body style) that is very hard to shop for. Most people don't even know these exist. I look forward to chatting with those who know the hoe. :waytogo:
  6. J

    Just a couple of Questions

    Ok, so I have a couple of questions regarding my Tahoe. It is a 200 Z71 Old Body style. Does anybody else have one of these and what year do you look under for parts, '99 or '00. Second question is about wheels and tires. I am currently stationed in the United Kingdom and i plan on doing a lift...
  7. W

    Parting Out

    I have a 97 4wd, 4 door GMC Yukon that is wrecked and I need to sell all and every part off of it. Transmission and Motor are both fine and working along with everything else but the body. I have doors, a/c parts, radiator, fan, leather seats, wheels etc. Message me if anything is needed
  8. smokeater13

    Name That Part! need help w/suspension

    Hey everybody, need some help here, I took my wheels off today to paint the rims and found I'm missing some bushings, I'm guessing. I need to know exactly what I need to purchase to fix it and any tips that y'all can give too, would be appreciated! I'm honesly can't belive I haven't seen...
  9. Y

    Yukon Hybrid Parts ?

    Hi all... Cannot find anything aftermarket except headlights - new Piaa's lasted a whole month and burnt out ! If you find mudflaps... or anything else please advise .. Thank you