04 Tahoe Battery Drain


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May 11, 2019
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Los Angeles
My 04 Tahoe is drawing 3 amps when everything turned off. Here's what I know:
1. I pulled fuse LBEC-2, and after waiting 20 seconds current starts to drop, finally reaching 0.007W (7mW)
(LBEC-2 = Left Bussed Electrical Center, Door Modules, Door Locks, Auxiliary Power Outlet-Rear Cargo Area and Instrument Panel)​
2. With all fuses back in, I remove DDM fuse and wait 10 sec. it drops slowly to 7mW.
(DDM = Driver Door Module)​
3. With all fuses back in, I remove "Radio" fuse and it drops to 1A after 2 sec and then after 20 sec it drops again to 70mW (not 7).
4. With all fuses back in, I remove IPC/DIC and it drops from 3.0 to 2.5 immediately.
IPC/DIC = Instrument Panel Cluster/Driver Information Center.​
5. I removed every other fuse and relay under the hood and in the driver side fuse box and nothing else has an effect.

None of the fuse removals causes an instant current drop.
The slow current drops upon fuse removal indicates to me that a digital circuit is turning something on and when the digital controller circuit is powered off by fuse pull, its capacitors slowly bleed down, turning off whatever devices it has been wrongly running.

Any good ideas on what's wrong here??


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Apr 6, 2018
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I'm not very handy when it comes to electrical diagnostics but I recently had my gauge cluster rebuilt and did notice that on his website it states that he rebuilds due to some parasitic draw coming from the gauge cluster. Might be something you can look into.

To add to this I didnt not have this problem. I had mine rebuilt because my oil pressure gauge was reading crazy! I also added a trans temp gause since I am using to tow a travel trailer.

Good luck!


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