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Replaced the automatic climate control. The unit worked fine for a bit and then the blower motor stopped working. Replaced the blower motor and it worked fine again for a couple days. Blower motor stopped working after a couple days. Auto climate control unit appears to function the way it should; a/c kicks in, temp control goes up and down on both sides, change from defrost to floor, head, etc. all works fine.

Calibrated the unit by turning to "auto", turning vehicle off, removing HVAC fuse, waiting 1 min, putting fuse back in, starting engine for 2 min, turning off for 15 seconds and then turning back on. The blower motor and auto climate control worked great until I turned the engine off. Upon restart, back to nothing!

I replaced the resistor some time ago. Before I replaced the blower motor, I pulled voltage off of the blower motor plug with the resistor in tact. As I cycled the fan speed, the voltage increased as it should.

I am at a loss and would appreciate any help that you may be able to lend.