Converting 1995 climate control to work with newer 1998 climate control

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    Jun 23, 2020
    I have a climate control module that is bad in my '95 Tahoe, and I have a module from a 1998 Tahoe, along with the pigtails from it. I have noticed that when you purchase a brand new climate control, there is an adapter that allows for connecting it to the older '95 style wiring, but I didn't purchase a new one, so I need to find out some information on what wires to what.

    This is the old one. It has 2 connectors. One of which seems to be the same connector as the new style one, but I'm not sure that the wiring is the same.


    This new one has the same middle connector, but it also has a connector that attaches to the side, which has 8 wires coming from it.


    Here is an image with all the pigtails connected to the new control.


    I do have similar colored wires on the old connectors, although there are differences.

    I also found this, which although the colors aren't all the same, I think it does give the proper functions for the pins.

    Climate Control Pinout.jpg

    If I could find the pinout for the 1995 style connectors, I think I could rewire this properly. Does anyone know where I can find it? Also, I don't know for sure what the 4 pin connector next to the blower motor connector does.