Seat Heating pad driver seat Tahoe 2004

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Flying Dutchman

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Jun 25, 2018
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Roa, Norway
I recently changed my driver seat foam and cover of my Tahoe 2004 LT. I knew my heating pad was damaged so i changed that one too, thinking to have a nice warm ass this coming Norwegian winter.
However after installing my seat back in the truck, noticed the heating is still not working. Probably due to the fact that the back heating pad is probably also defect.
hmm... does anyone knows if both of these two pads need to work before you get any heat? or....can i just disconnect the back heating pad and might that work than perhaps only for my seat ? so i bye pass the back part.
Otherwise i need to take out the whole seat again and take of the skin of the back part of the seat.
By the way, noticed also that the grid under the foam was not completely ok anymore, so i fortified that one too.
These little bars just snapped off. I lost 3 of them while cleaning the frame of some rust and drying in the sun.


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