Yellow Toe Nails Common Causes


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Feb 6, 2020
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Yellow is such a cheerful color, isn't it? Red is tooSonus Complete Review aggressive, blue too depressing, orange too rowdy, green too moldy, and purple is just too...purple. But yellow is the color of sunshine, the hearts of daisies, and little baby chicks. It's as if happiness had been simmered in a big pot until everything else was drained out except for a big ol' pool of yellow.

As nice as the color can be though, there are some things that we definitely don't want to be yellow. Like toenails, for instance. Toenails really do best when they're a nice, healthy sort of pinkish color. But certain things can make your toenails turn yellow, which may be one of the only times you find the color rather depressing.

Fungal infections of the toenail are probably the most common cause of yellow nail discoloration, although they can also turn yellow because of diabetes, psoriasis (it can affect the nail bed and make the nail appear yellow or yellowish-pink), chronic leg swelling caused by problems with the lymphatic system (lymphedema) and even staining from nail polish.

Your yellow nails may involve other symptoms as well, depending on what's causing your yellowed nails. Fungal infections often also make the nail thickened and brittle, and you may notice debris collecting under the nail. Toenails that are housing fungal intruders also tend to emit an unpleasant odor.