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    Front Stabilizer Bar Link replacement 96 Tahoe two door

    I recently had both upper and lower ball joints replaced on both sides on my Chevy Tahoe two door. I also had the steering gear box replaced. I started getting a clunking sound. I got under the vehicle and found the Stabilizer bar link was loose. I took it back to the shop and told them what it...
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    Question about passenger side front seat 96 two door

    Hi, I have a 96 Two door. The passenger side seat has been rigged into place, as in it goes back and forth but I was under the impression that it would tilt forward to allow back seat passengers access. Is that correct ? and would I have to go to a junk yard for that or ?? Not sure what I am...
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    Engine wiring harness

    I have a 96 Tahoe two door 4x4 5.7 sport. I love my Tahoe and do not want to give up on it yet. I am having wiring problems with it. Is there anywhere an engine wiring harness can be purchased for it? I had the transmission rebuilt last year and that is when my problems started...