Front Stabilizer Bar Link replacement 96 Tahoe two door

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May 29, 2019
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I recently had both upper and lower ball joints replaced on both sides on my Chevy Tahoe two door. I also had the steering gear box replaced. I started getting a clunking sound. I got under the vehicle and found the Stabilizer bar link was loose. I took it back to the shop and told them what it was , the took two hours to diagnose it and came back with a bill for $250 if i wanted to replace my stabilizer bar links. Also they told me the lower ball joints had a lot of play in them.
I told him they better not as they had just replaced them in January. The manager went in and came back and said well no they just needed a lube.
I questioned him closely on the the stabilizer links. He showed me the package and said just the retail was 97 for the part. I declined.

I came home and did more research. Also spent more time under vehicle. the bushing is completely missing at the bottom of the drivers side bar link. The passenger side is fine tight and no wear. It looks like all i need to do is buy the rubber bushing and replace that. I also found that they come in kits and the most expensive one I could find was 54.95 >

Now after much thought on this I am asking, did they have to remove that link for any reason replacing the steering gearbox or the ball joints and pitman arms? Because if so, I believe that the mechanic did a sloppy job and did not put the bushing back in, there is also a metal washer missing from the upper side of it.

I am angry they tried to sell me a 250 job for a bushing that they may have messed up themselves. Any thoughts on this. May I add that I am a 68 year old widow ? I can work on this vehicle myself, and I plan to jack it up and replace this myself .

So questions are Did they make a mistake??
and do i need to replace the entire stabilizer with a link kit ?

thanks I appreciate it . I love this vehicle
96 Tahoe two door, I have owned for 9 years had 244k miles on it . Have replaced all ball joints bushings (thought so anyway) alternator, starter , rebuilt transmission, manifold gasket, waterpump, steering gear assembly, gear box. rebuilt wiring harness.