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    1. dnoonan
      Hi - saw your posts about the quad beam headlight mod and am going to try it out on my '02 Z71, sounds great. I have a problem with my radio amp draining the battery if the car sits for two days. I've been pulling the fuse when I know I won't be driving. Short of replacing the amp (non Bose) do you know of any fix? Thanks in advance.
    2. jdl_131
      Hi, I saw a very old thread that you had commented on that you knew how to install and reprogram a new BCM...could you give me some tips? My service airbag light is on and the dealership told me it was probably the SCM, yes "S"CM...I wasn't able to find a SCM so I'm thinking that it is part of the BCM so I would like to try to install a new one myself. [email protected]
    3. SdotX
      Hey i was wondering if you can make me a cutout like you did for your tape deck delete. Ill pay and you can ship it to me. thanks man you can email me at [email protected] since i may not be on here much
    4. csperan69
      What is going on??? Have not been on this site for a while and to see all this 'crap' re: teen this/babes that simply means that it will be a longer time before I come back unless this 'crap' is deleted/blocked.
      Please advise to [email protected] if possible
    5. hwajr
      what's with all the xxx rate spam?
    6. Okla-by God-homa
      Okla-by God-homa
      First off, congrats....UT kicked our ass this year. That said, just found this fourm working again.....what happened? I joined the Tahoe Yukon Forum but found that a bunch of the info that was on here isn't there.
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    Sr.Tech Supervisor, MECP 1st Class, ASE A6, 17 yrs
    Currently 01 LT 'hoe, '04 Cadillac CTS, 92 Z28. Previous cars: SVO turbo Mustang, 13 other Z28s and Trans Ams, 02 Eddie Baurer Expedition,

    Building hi-performance & custom vehicles, racing, RC, football



    01 Tahoe LT
    Supercharged 6.0 LQ9, Lingenfelter cam, LT headers into true dual exhaust, 24x10 wheels. 3/5 drop. BB PCM tune. Vette servo. SSBC big brake kit. Roll pan. SS bumper. Projector HIDs. Custom a/v system. Dbl 5% tint. Lots more here.
    -'04 Cadillac CTS-blk on blk, 20x8.5" Driv Royale wheels, Eibach Pro-kit, more
    -'92 Z28-Far from stock