2 Back Doors Stuck Shut

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May 26, 2019
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Hello all,

I am glad I came across this forum, I will need it. In my thirst for diversity, I own (2) 2007 Tahoes.

I bought one of the Tahoes (LS) at auction last week at a bargain price. One problem driving me nuts is that both back doors won't open from the inside or outside. They don't feel like there is much resistance compared to the front that is operating properly. I have reviewed the fuses, I have taken off the panel to try to manually open by pulling the cable, I broke one of the locks trying to pull up on it, the electric or key unlock will not work - they are stuck shut. I have searched for hours on the internet and can only conclude that 2 locking actuators must have failed on this thing at the same time??

Anyway, if someone has any advice on the root cause, that would be awesome. If not, can someone tell me how to at least open the doors so I can replace the locking actuators?

Here is a short video I just posted to youtube that I took with my phone. It shows how the locking mechanism behaves when I pull the inside and outside handles. I can't figure out which lever to pull to get these things open!


Any help appreciated.