2007 Tahoe LTZ - Cannot Unlock Rear Driver’s Side Door

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Nov 25, 2012
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My rear driver’s side door handle would not release the door actuator from the inside or outside so that I could open door. The electronic door opener was functioning, but the latch mechanism was stuck and would it would not release. I was able to remove the door panel from inside the car by prying open the bottom corner towards the front (just behind the driver’ seat) with a panel removal tool. Once I had a small opening, I inserted a long rigid wooden stick (2” x 2” x 3’) inside the full length of the door panel along the bottom to pry out the bottom of the panel. This provided enough access to reach under the panel with both hands and pull out and release the entire panel. The stick will initially lay on the door jamb along side the front drivers seat until it is pushed into the rear door panel. The sticky handle problem ‘may’ have resulted from lubricating the door latch mechanism with lithium grease. I generously re-lubricated the latch mechanism with Slick Stuff lubricant. It’s a little tight to get door panel removed from inside the vehicle, but totally possible for a repair. Good Luck!
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