2003 driver door lock actuator intermittent cutout

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    Nov 29, 2019
    My 2003 Tahoe LS 4x4 driver's door lock actuator quit working for 3 days then mysteriously started working again.
    Temperatures were in the 50's daytime, below freezing at night, typical Wyoming winter weather.
    The door latched securely, no worry about opening while driving.
    The lock was in unlocked position, neither the key fob, the outside key cylinder or the inside slide worked.
    The door switch would lock all the other doors and liftgate.
    The outside key cylinder would turn right to the unlock position.
    All the other doors and the liftgate locked properly with the key fob and the inside door switch.
    When the system was locked, opening the driver's door from the outside would set off the alarm.
    As of yesterday, the driver's door is locking properly.
    If this is a one time thing, I won't worry.
    If likely to happen again, what parts or circuits should I concentrate on for repair?
    (186,000 miles, VIN 1GNEK13Z93J226687)