2003 Tahoe Lt a/c issues

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    Jun 9, 2019
    A few months ago i discovered a 134a leak coming from the shrader valve. I used the vent blowers when it was excessively hot and at times.. didnt notice that it had the a/c engaged. This had happened a number of times and during long trips as well. After replacing the little valve piece I purchased a/c pro 134a and used the entire 20 oz bottle. Didnt feel any cold air but minor short spurts of what felt like colder air. Deduced there was probably an "air pocket" in the lines. Which i was told needed to be released so that more 134a could go in without excessive pressure in the lines. Well 36 MORE ounces of 134a later and trying to release the "air pocket" had proven to be ineffective.

    From what i discovered online, my a/c requires 25 oz of refrigerant. There are no more leaks after replacing the valve so i cant figure out where it is all going... my assumption is at some point 134a should come out of the shrader valve.... indicating that there isnt an "air pocket" in the lines.

    My questions here are:

    If im releasing this "air pocket" would 134a come out of the valve? Is that assumption correct?

    Or is the pressure im releasing the 'evaporated' 134a?

    If the a/c was being run with 0 refrigerant... would any of the components be rendered defective/inoperable?

    How does running with 0 134a effect the dryer/ condenser/ compressor?

    Would 0 134a cause the compressor to require more power from the engine? [I noticed electrical flickering when this problem started]

    I appreciate any feedback given. I am not well versed in a/c systems and am only slightly mechanically inclined. I am a do-it-yourselfer and work really hard in the heat quite often. A cold blowing a/c and maintaining my tahoe keeps me happy so thank you for your help.