2007 tahoe no crank no start !!!!! plz help

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    Oct 28, 2019
    I have a 2007 Tahoe LTZ. I have recently replaced the negative battery cable, starter, alternator, ignition switch, and the fuel pump. not all at once but over the past few weeks. the problem I am running into now is that I am not getting power to the starter. the truck does not crank and does not start.

    no crank no start started happening a few weeks ago before I replaced the negative battery cable. I replaced the cable and all seemed well then it wouldn't start after checking the starter I found out the starter was going bad so I replaced it as well as the alternator. again all seemed to be going well for a few more days then I started to smell gas so after checking the fuel pump I noticed it was rusted and cracked at the top so it was replaced.

    now the car has no crank no start knowing I just put a new starter on the truck I replaced the ignition switch but still no start no crank. I removed and tested the starter and it cranks when off the truck like it should. so I put it back on the truck but there is something blocking it once it goes back on the truck.

    my dashboard is normal all the lights on the truck work fine. when I stick the key in the ignition and attempt to start nothing happens I hear a click under the hood but that's it. only light that stays on the dash is the check engine light but I cant get a reading to see why the light is on. also my key fob is not working I cannot lick or unlock my doors using the keyless key fob.

    if anyone can shed light on what is the problem or could be the problem please let me know also let me know if there is more information you need to be able to give your best educated guess as to how to solve my problem.