Any help on direction on a couples request would be appreciate. 2016 Tahoe LS basic crap

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Nov 2, 2019
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So I impulsively bought a previous police pack 2016 Tahoe for ‘’cheap’’ (I guess) which I ended up regretting pretty much, my quick visit to it was indeed too quick I missed so many bad stuff im pissed at my self, drop a deposit and picked up the truck a week later, here what im facing:

inside of truck is missing a lots of plastic trim, or show damage to it, doesnt clip properly or what ever.

no bluetooth (how the f*** is that even possible) no push starts, shitty two speakers, hole in roof from unknown bolted device, no option on right button steering
Glove box feel on floor when I opened it
No center console, fronts headlights are in shit conditions a bit foggy one side led strip brightness is clearly weak and the other one is totally overkill while one side hallogen brightness is weak and the other one is good.I drove the truck home and felt like I did my worst ever purchase but im the only one to blame even tho I trusted the seller saying all would be flawless n shit, for some peoples things are of different definition I guess.

Now the saga begin to fix shit and try to make that truck look better, it drive fine, exterior overall is nice, I can feel a little idle
Vibration prolly by some tired motor mounts and the car suspension seem to hit pretty hard on good bump, cant relate if it tire or suspensions.

I ordered leather skin seat from a kind of oem manufacturer for front row since at least the rear seat were already in good condition(black leather), the driver seat will require foam work as im guessing previous owner was weighting 500 pounds, ive ordered the center consol/arm rest which was received and temporarily put in place, didnt realise the cup holder part wasnt include so now waiting on that too, and it seem like a console for a LT or ltz since it has rear seat heat etc which there is not a single chance a non bluetooth equiped truck would have. Ive ordered for a decent price two brands new aftermarket headlights w/ blackhousing.

so now the truck is currently at a friend house for the seat upgrade and foam fixing,
Oh yeah we also realised the beep/horn? wasnt working, could probably be related to the carnage the cops did when returning the truck, they tear all their materials n computer out and just drop the car at aunction or just scrap it.

Once I receive the cup holder pieces my friend which is really good in electronic should be able to replug most of the stuff properly. He is also going to sew some leather and put something out on the roof where the hole are.
Now what is left to adress and that im not sure where to look at:

plastic trim, mainly window pillar plastic, front main windshield pillar plastic (mine are all scuffed)

The horrible radio upgrade/screen?
Cant deal without bluetooth, ive seen a
Tesla kind of huge screen plug n play which convert your climate control into touch, from my understand it has bluetooth android and even carplay and give you a huge screen, probably not the top notch system but could be a nice upgrade for 900$ Otherwise what would you suggest?

Im guessing nothing can be done logically with the useless right steering button section and manual key starter?

Anyone had to upgrade their shock/spring after 100k mile? Im on 20’’ wheels and tire at 32 psi which look pretty soft, would think the suspension shouldn’t be hitting that hard?

either way that my main question so far ill give picture update very soon and if any idea/link to where I can purchase trim/radio upgrade etc it would be greatly appreciate!!


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