Can't change sub-woofer level on after market radio tahoe 2001 any help?

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May 28, 2020
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Hello I need help with my car stereo. Before replacing my factory stereo I was able to change the level of the sub but after I replace my factory stereo on my Tahoe 2001 ls I'm unable to adjust the level. First I was having problems where the sound wouldn't come on. I learned that I needed to power the factory amp I think it was so I connected the pink wire to another cable. Now I get sound on all 4 channels, they work and the factory sub on the back also turns on but the problem is that I cant control the level on the sub. I can't make it have more bass or have less.

If I go to my stereo and check the equalizer I can make the sound come out of a single speaker on any of the four side or what ever I configure, also I'm able to edit each band on the equalizer and it changes the sound. but the sub no matter what I change it doesn't change. There is a band for the sub on the equlizer but if i move it all the way to the bottom or all the way to the top the sub still sounds the same.

how can I fix this ?
is there a cable I miss the lets me control level.

any tips would be greatly appreciated to help me fixed it. Since ill be replacing my stock sub since I think its blown so I can fixed it the same day.