do i need to remove Bose Amp?

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Sep 1, 2015
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Hi, i have a question but for some reason searching all over i can not find the answer, found all types of round about similar scenarios but not answering the question i am struggling with. here goes and i hope someone can help me with this.
07 chevy tahoe with bose system no navi. i have already replaced the HU and speakers except the sub which i have a stealth box waiting in the wings for the next step. i have 2 aftermarket amps that i want to install in place of the bose amp and sub. my thing is i know that everything that is audio runs thru the bose amp... so my question is... is replacing the system as easy as taking out the OEM SUB and AMP? or is there some special harness or process that needs to be done to maintain the "in and out" flow of the audio that flows to the bose amp and out the bose amp? is there a coupler that can be put in the middle of the i assume 2 connection plugs that go to and from the amp? or do i disconnect the amp and splice wires to complete circuit back to head unit so i can hear my sounds once everything is installed? any info will be greatly appreciated! thank in advance!!!!