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    Jun 23, 2018
    Hello, well my 03 Hoe
    Is now is pushing 300k+. Stopped at an Advanced auto one day just for gp to findout what was up with the engine light, the guy laughed after he scanned it an said I had 27 codes I told him that hard to believe. It does run just a little ruff but nothing horrible an given the fact that about every 3 months we make a trip from NC to either MD or Delaware an only use a tank of gas is pretty good in my book. Now I took it to Mr Tire for an oil change an tires rotated. When they were done my gf an I got the keys an they proceeded to tell us it needed tie rod ends an a ball joint an it would be about 500 bucks I said ok an left. I knew something was wrong because it would eat up one tire. Naturally now the gf is going nuts about getting it fixed. One of the new people that moved in up front an suppose fly good from what they tell me said he can get all the parts for well under 200. The thing I'm questioning is he said he would replace everything an something about spindles. If it needs them fine but I'm on fixed income so can anybody educate me. Given the mileage an everything else I don't want to spend money needlessly.