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*Not sure if this should be a new thread, but didn't find any about interiors*

What's the best way to detail an interior with leather seats?

Previous owner wasn't so nice on the interior as he was on the exterior. :mad:


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I have no idea. I used lexol - Junk in my opinion. right now ive been using this meguires stuff, its pretty good. my seats were kinda hard, and using the stuff on em like once a week softens em up quite abit. But the mequires stuff is weird, dont like squirt it right on the seat, squirt it on the towel then rub it in. If you squirt directly like it leaves this slight line you can kinda notice, but rubbing some more takes it out.. idk. .best of luck whatever u do tho.. im trying to find a place that will eather repair my drivers seat or buy a new bottom at.. no luck anywhere.


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I detail cars on the side on weekends, and I found the combination cleaner/protectant products are ok, but if the seat is real dirty or dingy, the only thing that works to get that built in dirt and grime is good ol saddle soap and one of those small soft brushes to clean your fingernails with. use circular motion and wipe it off. leaves the leather soft and really cleans it. After that, use a leather dressing or protectant. do not use anything like Armor all though. The leather has to breath to stay soft.. Yes, its more work, but I figure you paid extra for the leather seats, its worth it..:)


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Simple solution

Go to home depot or walgreens and buy SIMPLE GREEN all purpose cleaner. Lightly mist the seats with it and scrub with a wet cloth ( have a water bucket). Dry wit a damp cloth before it dries on its own. Repaeat if needed


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I use a piece of carpet 4 X 4 piece instead of rag or brush to clean dirt out of the grain in the leather. The fibers get in the grain without damaging the leather. I would never use simple green. Use a cleaner made for leather.

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Using Simple Green on leather is not really a good idea. Like Pacabada above me has said, use a dedicated Leather Cleaner, or an APC (all purpose cleaner) that states on the label can be diluted down to clean interiors.

A nice, horse hair brush can be used with the cleaner to scrub the panels clean. Have a towel ready to wipe the grime clean, or a wet vac in your other hand.

You will want to condition or protect what you just cleaned also.


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Nice thread, will take note of the cleaners mentioned here. the previous owner of my Tahoe kinda ruined the interior so I need to do some enhancement to it


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I use Megs APC in cleaning the interior then apply 303 protectant on the dash and other plastic pieces.


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Keep it simple...
I've found it's beast to start off with mild cleaners...first vacuum up all dirt, pay attention to seat seams...wipe down with clean terry cloth hand towels and warm solution of dishwasher soap. At an inconspicuous area spray Scrubbing Bubbles, if dirt, stains are bad a soft brush(nail brush) maybe needed, wipe clean with a clean damp towel. Treat leather with a good brand of leather treatment. I found this worked great on tan interiors with blue jean stains.