SCG PRO Tire Dressing and Conditioner Results

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Apr 24, 2014
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As a Follow Up to Dylan's Tire Blooming Post, he also wrote this article...

Lots of talk about tire dressings lately and I though it would be important to illustrate the various finishes you can achieve with SCG Pro Tire Dressing & Conditioner. For todays test I used it at 3 different diliutions:

  • Full strength right out of the bottle
  • 1:1 dilution (50% water, 50% product)
  • 2:1 dilution (66.67% water, 33.33% product)

Obviously the dilutions are nearly infinite, but I find these to be the 3 most common ways to use the product as they fit the glossy, medium satin, and matte criteria that various users might be looking for.

The pallet for this test is a take off BMW wheel from a friend. First, because no one wants to look at a dirty wheel I cleaned both the wheel and the tire thoroughly and dried them to make sure there was no additional water that would mess with my results.

The tire was rather dry and chalky looking given the lack of dressing or protection on the surface:

To keep track of what dilution was applied where I segmented the tire into 3 roughly equal sizes using tape and marked my zones for each dilution:

Straight out of the bottle TDC produces a nice, rich gloss, but isn't greasy or oily. The shine isn't over the top glossy like some silicone laden products, but it is glossy enough that it puts a little glisten to the surface of the rubber.


The 50/50 mixture is probably what I see people reaching for the most. It still produces a good amount of gloss and is thin enough to be sprayed on. This makes it ideal for use on tires with aggressive or complex sidewalls. The finish is more satin and just like the full strength application is dry to the touch within moments and won't sling.


This is the perfect solution for someone who likes their tires to be dressed, but just wants a natural rubber look. Compared to the undressed sections its clear that there is protection on the surface and the rubber is darker, but the tire looks nice and matte. This same dilution works well on matte finish wheels to maintain an even look without gloss.


AND a 3 Part Comparison for you all to enjoy.