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May 12, 2017
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I have a 2004 Tahoe with the Bose sound system. About 6 months ago started having the issue with back passenger speakers crackling. I disconnected the back tweeter and it stopped. About two months ago noise came back so decided to change factory radio. I used the scoschse GM2000 radio harness but did not hook up the smaller square box from factory radio. I was told it would be ok but I would not have controls on my steering wheel, and that's fine with me. I also installed a subwoofer and amp for the sub. Everything worked fine for at least 2 months until I started having static in the right side speakers. I did notice that my DVD player will play but no sound. As of last week all speakers are cracking sound and will only stop if I turn radio off. Also just noticed the rear controlls are not powering on at all. I have seen online that this is something many people have a problem with. Does anybody know what I should do to fix this? I don't know if it's my wiring harness, my AMP, or speakers need replaced