2019 Tahoe LTZ Suspension Issue

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Aug 30, 2022
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San Antonio, Tx
My 2019 Tahoe LTZ with 60K miles started riding very rough. I inspected the rear shocks and found dirt and oil on both. I inspected the front struts and both were wet with visible oil dripping from both. After taking into Chevy dealer they said that both the rear shocks and front struts absorbers needed replaced at a cost of $4900!! This vehicle has never towed a trailer or a RV and most miles are highway miles (never driven on gravel roads or taken off road). I know that it is highly unusual for all 4 absorbers to go out at one time at this mileage. I suspect there is another root cause issue with the auto ride system but the service rep tells me that the ESC cannot be diagnosed until after the shocks/strut absorbers are replaced. Has anyone experienced anything similar and did GM warranty any of it?
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