Aftermarket stereo issue


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Sep 29, 2016
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Hello, ive got a 2002 chevy tahoe with onstar and no bose system.
I bought a cheap Dual xdm260 stereo and wired it up correctly. when i first wired it up and plugged it in, the blue lights and sound came through, then i unplugged it and head shrinked each wire individually so i wouldnt mix up the wires, and after i plugged it back in, there is no blue lights or sound but i know the stereo is getting power. I had to splice the blue wires from the harness to the pink wire on the factory harness to get sound through, (to bypass the onstar i am assuming.) the Antenna plug is too small for the aftermarket stereo so i need to get an adapter, but thats not the issue, since it was turning on the stereo before i heat shrinked it. i checked all of the stereo and accessory fuses and none of them are popped. what could be the issue? i havent checked to see if there is power through the red 12v and yellow 12v wires, but i dont think that is the issue either.
also, i plugged the factory stereo back in and all the lights on it came on, but the screen wasnt showing anything and no sound. could the factory amplifier be in protection mode? or is it something else?