Can't get bluesville in my Acadia

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Sep 28, 2018
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Cocoa Beach, Florida
I have had satellite radio since xm first came out and have never had a problem, ever, until now, granted it's a small problem. I have a 2018 Tahoe and a 2018 Acadia, both with Sirius/XM and in the Acadia, the Bluesville channel loses reception for a minute or two every few minutes. It probably averages working two thirds of the time, while losing reception the other third of the time. Bluesville is the only channel that does this and it only happens in the Acadia, never once has it happened in the Tahoe. The other channels work perfectly and when Bluesville is working in the Acadia the sound is perfect, then I just lose reception for a minute or so and then all of a sudden the sound comes back on and sounds perfect again. I have yet to contact Sirius/XM, but, I plan to because other than Fox News, Bluesville is my favorite channel, but, I don't have a clue what they can do about it, however if I don't contact them, I'll never know. Has anyone had a similar experience?