Scan tool for my Tahoe

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Apr 9, 2018
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New Jersey
Hello and how are you all doing. I was driving my truck over the weekend and my Airbag light went on. So, i Hooked my scanner up, but it doesnt read airbag codes. I have an Innova 3100. What would be an Ideal scanner that I could buy that would also read the airbag codes as well as the other obd codes? Im not an auto mechanic by trade, but if there is something I can do at home , ill give it a try.
So after work this evening i put the truck up on ramps and checked the junction box under the front passenger seat. All wires looked intact. Then i took the splash shield down under the front end. The impact sensor on the passenger side looks like it had been replaced. The drivers side sensor however , looks like a tick ready to pop. I will be changing that irregardless. If the failure is somewhere else then Ill try to keep looking.
Where is the best place to get a new sensor from? seems that they are extremely expensive compared to a few years ago.
Thanks, Tahoedriver0468