2008 Tahoe 5.3L "Service Airbag"

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Feb 3, 2012
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I recently had the SERVICE AIRBAG light come on and read the code of B0084. I replaced my front impact sensor with a Dorman 590-203, but now I get same DCT code B0084 with a different description. "Front End Sensor 2 incorrect Component installed. So I looked on the Dorman website and see they have two parts listed that fit an 2008 Tahoe. But they have a note for part # 590-203 with radiator support stamped 15854647 and the other part 590-224 with radiator support stamped 25896408. Does anyone know where this stamp is located at? I took my plastic cover off the top of the radiator support but saw nothing. I will call their tech support number on Monday. Thank you!!!