Chirping sound coming from gearbox

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Jul 19, 2019
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Hi all. I have a problem which started about a week ago. It's this chirping sound I get from gearbox. It's speed related but not engine rpm related. It happens in gear and in neutral-mostly at low speeds. Sometimes it dies out-then comes back. If I go to 4wd it's not there(just occasionaly I can hear something) but comes back in 2wd.
Now I know you will say at this point-U-joints. But the thing is I went to my mechanic yesterday and we lifted the car up-we coudn't recreate the sound on the ramp(with all wheels up) but when we started turning back wheels manualy we traced it to the transmission(4l60e)-above the pan. It was much weaker but noticable-since there was no load. Anybody had similar problem? What did it turned out to be?
I'd like to post the video but not sure if it will upload as it's big size-but here's a link to you tube
Please help-I tried to find any info-I went to the end of internet and back and only managed to find on you tube video of similar problem. Thanks