DOME LIGHTS so so confused!!

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Sep 1, 2015
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Hello ladies/gents

i have an issue that is mind boggling to me. i replaced my front dome lights w/ led lights. after installing them i press the button to test them and they worked, i opened the door and they lit up nice and bright!
the following morning while driving to work early dark hours i press the button to light up my side of the car and the led was dim..??? confusion #1....
then hours later i go to press the button again and now the led light doesn't even turn on!?! but here is the crazy part of it all.. when you open the door the led light turns on super bright like they are suppose to, so i closed the door and light goes out, i press the button to turn on dome light and light doesn't work. i pull out the multi-meter and take a reading..... enter confusion #2.... taking a reading at the cooper clips for the dome bulb when the door is open i get 12v , when i close the door and hit the button the meter read 8v??? which is why the led wont light up anymore... but when i use the old dome lights everything works again keep in mind old dome light are OEM not LEDs. does anyone have any idea whats going on here? cant be the LED bulb since they work properly when the door triggers the dome lights but not when they individual button is pressed. i am pretty good at troubleshooting but this right here has me stomped!
any help is highly appreciated.