FREE Online Repair Guides; How-To's; Wiring Diagrams

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    Not sure where to post this, so everybody will see it. I have a potential sticky candidate here!

    I just discovered that AutoZone has FREE on-line Repair Guides with step-by-step instructions, pictures, and full wiring diagrams, for thousands of vehicles.

    I checked. It's about as complete a source for my '88 Firebird, '05 Impala, and '03 Tahoe as anything I have found.

    To use them:
    1. Register as a "My Zone" member.
    2. Search for a part you need to replace for your specific vehicle.
    3. After the search results appear, there is a link at the lower right that says "View Job Diagram." Click it to open a picture with description of the general job.
    4. Below that, is another link that says, "Your Ride. Your Guide." Click that, and you go to the full Repair Guide for your car and that part.

      You can browse the guides to get pretty much anything you want.

    Go to, and you're at the Repair Guide home page. From there, you can find part locations; specifications; fastener torques, belt routing, vacuum hose diagrams, plug gaps, timing settings-- LOTS of stuff that often gets asked for on this forum.

    Now, there are surely more complete sources available, but let me repeat that this is FREE!

    Generally in the past, I haven't been happy with the parts I get from AutoZone, but this is a great service, and may make me take another look at them as an OEM parts source. For now, though, my hat's off to AutoZone for providing this information.